Thursday, August 26, 2010


At the first time I moved to Singapore. Riding on train was my favorite thing in traveling the city. I still remember how I used to have the rail map in my wallet all the time. Sadly, its a new thing for me since the train facility in my home country is not supportive for all citizens. At the time, there were only 4 MRT lines in Singapore. But now, I just found out that they might be working for adding 4 more. And 1 of them is connected to Malaysia. Its pretty confusing looking at the rail map now. But still quite easy to read at the first glance. But, what about other cities in Asia? I like looking at those rail maps because all the lines form a unit and they're all using attractive colors. And of course very helpful for travelers.

Singapore rail map (speculative)

Bangkok rail map

Hongkong rail map

Beijing rail map

Seoul rail map

Tokyo rail map

Tokyo rail map is the most difficult to understand for me. It looks more like a wiring diagram than a rail map. With more than 12 lines and colors, it works better as an artwork if you printed it out in large format.

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