Monday, August 2, 2010

You ever heard of Nendo?

Nendo is a Japanese design based company led by Oki Sato (the dude above). Well, he's not a newbie in design world. But I remember when I first saw his work a few years ago, I thought he's a genius. His works are very interesting. As interesting as Tokujin Yoshioka, a fellow Japanese designer/architect/whatever he's working as. One of my favorite is the arm chair he made out of paper. Me, as an designer myself never would have thought to use such a fragile material. His design is somehow unique, fun, and from my point of view, a true Japanese. Now go check them out.
The actual name of it is cabbage chair (I just found out)

This guy designed chocolates... or are they pencils?

A fruits holder with shapes of the fruit itself and glowing mushroom!?

This is very cute. A miniature of interior design project he worked in. A practice that rarely seen for Interior design consultant these days. A design for Issey Miyake branch outlet. And check below for the actual size one.

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