Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Everybody Love Lego!!!

Lego was founded in 1932 by the Oleg Kirk Kristiansen family from Billund, Denmark. And now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen his grandson. In terms of sales, Lego group is the fifth largest manufacturer of toys.

The name Lego is abbreviation of two danish words "leg godt" meaning play good as their ideal.

It has come along way for over 80 years from a small carpenters workshop to a modern, global enterprise that is now.

And I got my first Lego in my primary years. I still remember the box was labeled Legoland and it was a small space ship from the M tron series. My mom bought me for my birthday gift and since then every new year, birthday, graduation day, and Christmas, I used to wait for my mom to come home with Lego.

I still love Lego until now. But, to be honest I'd prefer a much different type of Lego than just a plain space ship or pirate ship.

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