Saturday, July 17, 2010


Beer...Helping ugly people have dates! I don't really agree with the statement since I never had find a date with beer drinking. But, later I found some beer ads indulging women and sex and then I thought maybe that's how they sell their products...

This is a Corona beer ads, and I don't know is it just me or its really a woman having sex. I cant help but guessing what message this ads trying to tell us. Is it a description of how corona taste? like having an orgasm? or its an example of how would you end up when you had 40 bottles of Corona with your date?

And this one is an obviously wrong beer ads. But its funny though. Maybe this ads trying to tell that beer and alcohol can change people even Snow White.

My comment is... She's just too high to care that its a dog... or maybe she's into dogs. Anyway! thanks to beer.

A woman's ass and a beer can... beer, helping people have sex...

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