Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been reading Gantz since it was first published. Yes its a manga, but with so much different atmosphere. Gantz is dark, and contains blood, despair, love, sex, gore, death and what I like the most is how the writers always show the deepest evil in human beings. Like the old saying; "No one knows one's deepest heart." Gantz is meant for adult readers. The story line is mysterious and unpredictable.
The story started with the death of a group of people who mysteriously sent to an apartment room instead of limbo. In that room they found a black ball which provides them with various weapons. Then they were told to complete a mission. They can't walk out the room nor run away. The only way to get is to accomplish the mission in order to be transferred back to life. And this is where the psychological stuffs work. Would you believe in anything at all when you obviously know you're dead? Would you trust a bunch of strangers to complete a mission that to kill aliens? And this manga really express how people would react in this situation. Different individuals, different characters, different reactions, different endings.

As the story goes, the main character Kurono Kei, was able to assemble a solid Gantz team to wage war against aliens. They fight battle after battle in environments where no one can see them. With no other purpose than to survive each battle. After witnessing so many deaths, Kurono becomes a war god and a cold blooded aliens killer. But the situation is slowly changed when they realized that the aliens are only trying to defend themselves from Gantz team's vicious attack. And unlike before they are now visible to other humans. They've been reported by media as a black ops unit. Things get more confusing when they found out that there are more than one Gantz team. But apparently there is one team representing each city from all over the world. And the worst is when a reporter found out that all Gantz team's weapons are being produced in Germany.

The story so far, things gone from bad to worse. Now, human beings are facing a global catastrophe. The earth is being attacked by new alien race. And somehow, the Gantz teams are assembled to fight a battle against them. The humans are falling, even the world's strongest military falls, and Gantz teams are the only hope to prevent humans from slavery or extinction.

Gantz, with excellent graphic and interesting story is one of the best manga out there. And there are a lot of articles reviewing the making of Gantz movie in real cast. Even though I don't think the movie will be succeed, I'm looking forward to it

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